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10 partners with 700 credit score and a 250k net worth started it all.


10 partners with 700+ credit score got together with cash investors with at least 250k to create command credit. The door to buying that great real estate property and making a profit. We use our cooperative to partner with anyone in the industry that has a great deal, a great plan and needs either skill, credit or cash. Together they became "The Union of Credit

  • 100% funding
  • 700+ credit
  • experiance
  • joint venture employment


Was a customer of ours who had bought and sold using our system now he is one of the founders.  We have employment and partner programs to change your life too.  Let find out if you have what it takes to be part of a team of Professionals.



FIll out a joint venture form or funding request


Get an approval from underwriting


Follow the terms and sign an JV agreement.


Enjoy your funding opportunity and grow, grow, grow.

  • User terms and conditions:                                                                                                                                                                  Use of our services indicate an Implied acceptance of terms: Union of Credit  (UoC) is a private member owned network that utilizes the combined resources of various investor members and entities and furthermore, grants the marketing license to various Limited Liability corporations, the UoC cooperative sponsors, and our Joint Venture partnership program, (that is recognized, accepted and funded by over by thousands of limited partners, members, and private investors that have a combined value in excess of 7 billion (verifiable) dollars) to provide various services to members.
  • Our private fund resources are used by lenders, investors and members to perform joint ventures additionally UoC is designed to inform encourage and equip our new members and existing private groups of investors to contract, interact and utilize each others resources.                                                                                                                       
  • This cooperative is a member owned private investment group and the "unionofcredit" trademark, or terms regarding opening an account constitute marketing terms and all returns are marketing credits that can be used towards transactions between members.                                                                                                                                                                                      Union of Credit and its marketing programs are sponsored solely by UoC members and its views programs and offerings are independently created and not available to the General public.
  • Disclaimer: Union of Credit Cooperative is a member shared expense program and not a government entity.                              The term "Union of Credit" indicates that our holdings and payouts are insured with a line of credit issued by our Financial Officers (those with 700+ credit) and does not imply a FDIC insured agency.
  • 10% monthly rewards dollars are monthly credits will can be utilized towards the closing costs of any transactions initiated using the UoC consulting plan.                                                                                                                                                                    All credits will be reflected as a credit to approved closing and deducted from UoC transactional costs.
  • Holding Company:   Union of Credit Cooperative of Partners through its Financial Officers guarantees all member deposits, payments, fees etc and pays returns and roi's directly from Cooperative future profits.                               
  • All its information about sponsors and principals are available upon request to authorized parties only.
  • Use of this website by visitors means you consent to these terms.
  • ( The term "opening an account" means the UoC agrees to rebate the fees charged to clients back to clients at designated closing of transactions that were initiated within the funding network and further signifies that  member has been approved for benefits as detailed in the J.V. partner agreement.
  • Ledger  accounts are created to monitor, invest, and report the return, profit or status of the member investment account in accordance with corporation policy and guidelines and the date of such deposits are based on 30 day increments.                       All joint venture projects that require funding and credit have inherent risks that are addressed and mitigated by recovery benefits as listed in the partner agreement. Certain terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change without notice)

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